Our qualitative research

Our epidemiologists are experienced in conducting qualitative research studies. These studies can be used to describe knowledge, experiences, opinions, motivations, or needs of a specific target group. It could provide a good overview of what stakeholders, such as patients/public, healthcare professionals, policy makers or scientists consider important.

Qualitative research can be used to explore a variation of topics when developing new products, guidelines or projects. We also conduct qualitative research to gain insight into health policies, organizations and/or networks/ecosystems. Qualitative research methods can be combined with quantitative methods to provide a deeper and more complete answer to complex research questions.

Commonly used qualitative research methods are:

  • Individual (in-depth) interviews
  • Focus groups (by telephone, on location or via internet)
  • Questionnaire research (paper or digital)
  • Delphi research
  • Document analysis
  • Various types of interactive meetings

The choice for the right research method depends on the subject, population or situation being studied. With our extensive knowledge of research design and methods, we can advise on an appropriate plan of action to answer research questions.

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