Our medical writing

Our team of medical writers collaborates in ongoing clinical or epidemiological studies and provides ad-hoc support to clients in different areas.

Services included : 

  1. Writing original documents:
    • Clinical study documents, including study protocols, Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), and Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
    • Regulatory documents, such as Investigators Brochures (IBs), and regulatory submissions
    • Scientific publications, from manuscript writing to submission management
    • Conference communications, including abstracts, slides and posters.
    • Educational material
    • Drug safety documents, including DSURs and adverse event reports
    • Patient education and outreach
  2. Reporting of meetings, conferences or advisory boards, and adapting the reports for publication
  3. Reference management
  4. Document review, format, language and style edits and adaptation to different audiences

Other services

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