Our epidemiology and RWE

With a large team of epidemiologists, we have the capacity to conduct and support all types of epidemiological and real-world evidence (RWE) studies. Our activities range from primary data collection, non-interventional studies to different types of database studies. Our experienced team can further support in all stages of systematic literature reviews (SLRs), from protocol to publication.

Services included : 

  1. Non-interventional studies on: burden of disease, safety, effectiveness, healthcare resource utilization, and others
  2. Primary data collection
    • Feasibility
    • Protocol development
    • Investigators identification
    • Data capture, transfer and storage
    • Data and site monitoring
    • Analysis and reporting
  3. Secondary use of electronic health record (EHR) databases, and access to a wide range of databases on demand
    • Feasibility and fit-for-purpose assessment
    • Protocol development
    • Analysis and reporting
  4. Systematic literature reviews (SLRs)

Other services

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