Epidemiology Team Lead

Zuleika is an epidemiologist with experience in the fields of safety epidemiology and infectious diseases. Zuleika has a degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Public Health and Epidemiology from the University of Puerto Rico. For the past two years she worked as a consultant epidemiologist for both the private and public sectors. Previously, she worked as the epidemiologist team lead at the National Healthcare and Safety Network providing epidemiology strategies to medical facilities, state, and national health agencies on infection surveillance and prevention at the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC). She also worked as the safety epidemiologist for Novartis and Pfizer in Barcelona, Spain supporting epidemiological research studies in infectious diseases and oncology. Her research work in different organizations has led to several publications in the field of respiratory diseases, infectious disease, oncology, and rare diseases epidemiology.

She joined P95 as an epidemiologist in February 2021.