Aura graduated as MD from Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales UDCA – Colombia in 2018, specialized in Clinical Epidemiology and graduated in 2020 from Fundación Universitaria Ciencias de la Salud – Colombia.

In 2019 she carried out an academic internship at Instituto de Evaluación Tecnológica en Salud IETS-Colombia, acquiring experience in the development of systematic literature reviews, study quality assessment tools, and synthesis of scientific evidence, continued working there in 2020 until January 2021 as an epidemiologist on topics related to treatment, vaccines, and prevention, in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborated in different projects as clinical practice guidelines on HIV in the Colombian health framework and the consensus made by the Colombian Association of infectology for the generation of recommendations in COVID-19. She is finishing her master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology in Colombia (2022).

She joined P95 as an Epidemiologist in May 2021.