P95’s Charity Donations

“From a deep respect for all human beings and our planet, we encourage and enable each other to thrive, learn and evolve” is part of P95’s purpose. As actions speak louder than words, from an internal fundraising initiative, P95 made multiple donations  in 2023 that will help charities across the globe. The initiative, with a dual purpose of supporting our staff’s health and raise money for good causes, involved employees recording their physical activities in a company Strava club. For each hour of activity logged, the P95 management pledged to donate 2 euros to charity. This year, the money raised was donated to the following charities, chosen by P95 employees: 

    • Cool Earth: an organization that aims at helping rainforest communities, and funding projects that protect indigenous people impacted by the climate crisis. P95 believes the future of healthcare cannot be separated from the future of our planet. 
      More information on Cool Earth can be found here: https://www.coolearth.org/
    • Project for People: an organization that creates international projects in Italy, India, Brazil and Benin. P95’s donation helped the creation of the Nutritional Diet Project in India. This project aims at improving the living conditions of children in rural districts in West Bengal. With better tools, care and assistance this project combats malnutrition. 
      More information on Project for People can be found here: https://www.projectforpeople.org/ 
    • Just Dig It: an organization that aims at cooling down the planet by restoring green spaces in Africa. So far, Just Dig It has restored around 300,000 hectares, and this amount keeps growing every day.
      More information on Just Dig It: https://justdiggit.org/
    • Lesoochranárske zoskupenie VLK: an organization that protects Slovak forests from deforestation. P95 supported their “Buy Your Own Tree” initiative that will help the organization acquire and protect more land. 
      More information on Lesoochranárske zoskupenie VLK can be found here: https://www.wolf.sk/en/en-home

Humanity and health are at the center of P95’s values. By helping charities and organizations, we hope to make the world a better place, not only for the future but also for the present.