DRIVE project comes to an end

After five years, the Development of Robust and Innovative Effectiveness (DRIVE) project has come to an end. Set up in July 2017, DRIVE’s main goal was to establish a sufficiently sized network for robust, high-quality, brand-specific IVE estimates for all vaccines used in the EU in each season. After the project’s end, all the partners involved expect its legacy to continue through the development of a vaccine monitoring framework in the EU.

P95 was an active consortium partner in DRIVE, leading the work on the annual influenza vaccine effectiveness studies, performing the statistical analysis of the data and authoring the annual reports. In addition, the P95 IT-team developed a GDPR-compliant secure environment for repository of the sites’ datasets and for data analysis. P95’s participation was led by Anke Stuurman.

DRIVE formed the basis for COVIDRIVE, a brand-specific COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness platform, co-founded and co-coordinated by P95.