Germaine is a medical epidemiologist focused on vaccines and infectious diseases. She obtained her doctorate in medicine from Louvain university, specialised in epidemiology at the Harvard university and obtained her PhD degree from Ghent university with a thesis entitled “Measuring the impact of vaccination programmes, conceptual approach and methodological challenges”. She is active in the field of vaccine-preventable disease since 1987. After 13 years with Médecins Sans Frontières around the world, she worked as epidemiologist for the Belgian Institute of Public Health (2001-08) and the Belgian Health Care Knowledge agency (KCE, 2008-21). Since 2008 in parallel, she has been working as consultant on vaccine-related studies and literature reviews for different agencies such as the European Medicine Agency (EMA), the ECDC, the European Commission, P95, EpiConcept, and the Ministry of Health of Luxembourg.

Germaine joined P95 as senior epidemiologist in March 2021.